Track Days

There is NO BETTER place to ride than a controlled environment. Join Brake Free Track Time at the track! They offer 3 - 4 rider groups and separate riders based on skill level. Riders are scheduled for approximately 20 minutes per group each hour.

BFTT offers on-track coaching. Regardless of your experience level, they will have coaches available to ensure you have a memorable day and learn new skills. They WELCOME new riders and encourage street riders to attend our events! Our riders leave - better and more skilled at braking, turning, accelerating, and launching their motorcycle than when they arrived.

This is the best way to reduce the learning curve and take advantage of our coach's expertise. All coaches have raced at the expert level and most have completed nationally. They're not only fast - but good communicators and eager to make you a better rider! provides all of our riders with FREE digital pictures from the day. This is the best way to keep track of day memories for years to come! Our world-class team will capture images you'll keep forever!

Track day, coaching, photos, and a great place to ride your motorcycle with friends = Brake Free Track Time!